The Arizona Rustics
The Arizona Rustics is a music recording project of Arizona artist Neil Myers

Copyright 2015 The Arizona Rustics
The Arizona Rustics' debut full length, mastered CD is available for free download at  Noisetrade is a music sharing platform that allows artists to give their music away for free if they wish - and this CD is entirely free (with an option to leave a tip of you want.)  All you do is request the CD and Noisetrade will email you a download code and that's it.  (The idea is that the artist will get your email address if he or she wishes to send out info for the music project in the future - but I have no plans at all to do that - this is a side project I do when I am not busy in my career as a visual artist.)

Enjoy the music! - Neil

Click here to visit the Arizona Rustics Noisetrade page.